Creating An Archive Page

Bonjour, Blogger! Creating An Archive Page
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It’s weird, right? Considering all the posts that we write on our blogs, neither Blogger nor WordPress automatically create a page of an archive of all your posts. Archive pages are great to allow readers to have a browse through all of your posts at once – the methods described here are a little basic, but they do the job.


Create a new page on your site called “Archives”

In the HTML mode, copy and paste the following code, replacing “bonjourblogger” in the blogspot URL with your own blog name.

<script type="text/javascript" src="">
<script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=LoadTheArchive">

Save, and check our your new archive page which lists all blog post titles and dates (this code is from jhwilson’s GitHub page!)

Create a new page on your site called “Archives”

Insert the shortcode [archives]

Save the page…that’s it!

(You can find more specific codes to narrow down your archives feature on this page) (self hosted)

You can either use the short code described above, create an archive manually using the directions on this page,  or install a plugin like Archives Calendar or Smart Archives Reloaded (We haven’t tried Archives Calendar, so install at your own risk! Smart Archives Reloaded works well, but hasn’t been updated in years, so again, install at your own risk.)

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