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We talked about Blogger being a good choice for when you first start your blog as it’s free and pretty simple to set up. We’ve found a few layouts that are free for you to install on a Blogger blog, so you can still look a bit different to other blogs without having to spend tons on a redesign. These layouts do have prerequisites attached – mostly that you can’t remove the credit link at the bottom of the layout. If you’re uncomfortable with that, then you can pay to remove it.



Free download, from $6.95 to remove footer credits



Free download, from $6.95 to remove footer credits



Free download, $6.95 to remove footer credits



Free download, $10 to remove footer credits



Free download, $16.99 to remove footer credits

We haven’t tested any of these layouts, and links are included for information only. We would recommend creating a test blog to test out the layout before installing on your actual blog, and accept no responsibility for any issues caused when downloading one of these layouts

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