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If you’re looking to contribute to Bonjour, Blogger!, then please get in touch! We do not publish copy content that is for promotional and SEO purposes, nor infographics.

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If you’re interested in working with Bonjour, Blogger! with advertisements, product reviews, collaborations, sponsored content or events we would love to hear from you. If you’ve got something that’s helpful for bloggers, we want to hear from you! Basically, if you have something to promote (that’s relevant to the content on the site and our readers!), please email If you’d like a copy of our media kit, we’d be happy to send it over, just ask!
(Just so you know, we don’t accept pre-written content or guest posts, because we like to have things in our tone of voice.)

For anything to do with #blogclub, then the email is If you’re looking to work with us with a #blogclub event, this is the best email address to use.

For everything else (even just to say hi!), please email, or use the below contact form