How To Change Your Instagram Highlight Covers Easily

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Most people who use Instagram and the Stories feature don’t know about this feature, but It actually makes this task much easier to do!

We’ve covered previously how to create your Instagram Story covers (check that post out if you’re looking for a template to get the icon perfectly centred)

First, you’ll want to have your highlights set up – perhaps you just want to change the cover icon to match your new branding, or have an image that fits it even better.

Go to edit highlight, then tap edit cover. The pop up that appears will show you the images and videos that are in that highlight, but if you scroll along the bottom to the left, you’ll see the icon for choosing an image appear (on iOS, it looks like a rounded square with a mountain and sun in there). Tap that icon, and your camera roll will appear then it’s just a matter of finding the new cover image!

A simple quick task but it means that you don’t have to include the cover in your highlight, and you don’t need to apologise to your followers every time you get the urge to update!

  • Diane G @dreamcutsew

    I would love to be able to change my Highlight covers…or even have Highlight covers….since June the little ‘Heart’ icon that you see when you have created a Story (that enables you to create a Highlight) has vanished and I can’t add any of my Stories to a highlight anymore. I’ve messaged Instagram about 6 times and have had no help at all. Any suggestions?

    November 15, 2018 at 12:28 pm Reply

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