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This Valentine themed photoshoot by Danielle is so cute – as ever with her photos, it’s pastel-y perfect!






We love Ella’s illustrations, and this one from her Tea Tuesday series is beautiful – would love to see this as a print! What does a cup of tea do for you?





Jenny’s blog post about learning to be more positive is an interesting one, showing some of the techniques she’s learnt from a workshop. It’s far too easy to be negative, so these tips are really useful.





Joiee writes about sexism in blogging – it’s so easy to assume that the blogging communities are only made up of female bloggers, so it’s good to see this discussion!





Lauryn talked about magazines and how they’re trying to stay relevant as the readers become more demanding for instant news instead of waiting for the latest copy. An interesting read!





Perfect for a lazy afternoon watching TV, Sam’s recipe for toffee popcorn looks delicious! (And if it’s homemade, that definitely means it’s healthier…right?)





Michelle blogged about a charity shop find – it looks so much better after a little DIY to make it more wearable!






Michelle’s Valentines post to her readers is so sweet – Valentines Day isn’t just about having a boyfriend or girlfriend, just have a big love fest and tell everyone how wonderful they are! (It’s never too late, even if the 14th has passed!)





We love Jen’s blog, and have been enjoying her LFW updates – make sure you follow her blog for more!





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