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There’s another glorious bank holiday coming up and with bank holidays brings DIY and trips to B&Q. You’re probably thinking that B&Q isn’t going to have anything useful for your blog life, but you’d be surprised!


The flooring aisle. Not the first place you probably thought of when B&Q was mentioned, but the different types of flooring make a really good background.


You can buy samples of flooring for a fraction of the full pack price, and you can buy as many pieces as you need to make a background as big as you need. Because it’s cut up pieces of flooring, it will fit together easily and will come apart for easy storage.


This was just two pieces of sample flooring that fitted together easily – this would be plenty big enough if you tend to take photos of make up or smaller items.

Where do you go for blog backgrounds? Have you tried our cheap marble background trick?

  • Emma Boatman

    I popped into B&Q the other week and picked up a whole stack of simple wallpaper samples to use for flatlays…haven’t thought about floor samples – this could be my next visit!

    June 19, 2016 at 5:57 pm Reply

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