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  1. I was wondering which one of the options in the blogger settings is the name/URL option? Because the choices are anyone, registered users, users with google accounts or members of this blog. Thank you :)

  2. I challenged myself a while back (before I started reading this blog!) to start commenting on more posts because I realized I would read about 25 posts a day but would never tell the writer how much I loved them so now I’ve started comment I’ve noticed how much more I enjoy sitting down at the end of the day and actually interacting with cool people :)

  3. I mostly read via RSS and that’s mostly via my phone. So I have to click through to the original and then type it out on a small screen. I only do it for things I’m REALLY interested in :)

    Also, if a blog has too many comments already I usually won’t bother since I don’t always feel like I’m adding to the discussion.

    Lastly, if I think the blog won’t moderate my comment because it doesn’t fall in line with the other fawning comments (like when I asked if they really thought their readers needed a recipe for TOAST & it didn’t get through).

  4. I guess if there are already a ton of comments then I probably won’t bother commenting as like Sarahmia said – I don’t think I’m adding much. It’s also a shame when the author of the blog’s not bothered to reply to any of the comments. But in general, if I want to comment, I will.

    CAPTCHA bugs me a little – it’s totally my fault as I end up having to enter it about three times due to my silly mistakes, but still, it’s pretty frustrating. I have a blogger blog and used CAPTCHA for a while due to the insane amount of spam comments I was getting, but I got so fed up with it that I decided to install Disqus instead. So far, all is good – It’s made it easier for people to comment and I no longer get spam!

  5. This is a great post. I ‘battled’ with this for a short while only because I wanted to make it simple and easy for people to comment on my blog. For me as blogger and a blog follower, if I have to go through too many steps just to write a comment I don’t even bother so I did not want that to happen with my blog. I ended up choosing a platform that enables users to log in with most social media platforms or their email accounts and since then I have not looked back.

  6. I comment if I have more to say than ‘I like this post’, because that doesn’t feel like a useful contribution. But without a clear question asked in the post it can be hard to come up with something to say.

  7. I’m a fashion blogger, and I’m reading a lot of other girls blogs. Occasionally I’m commenting when I really like the outfit, or the photography or even the content of the post. But I think you can only comment if you really mean it. Like someone said before, don’t just write “I like this”. Just imagine how much a blogger goes through to make post happen, including arranging outfit, finding place where to shoot, retouching, uploading and other stuff.
    It’s nice to get comments, but it’s nice to leave honest comments to others as well.


  8. Thanks for the tips. I think I’m doing it right, but despite all this, I can’t get any comments :/ if anyone cares to check out my site and give me some feedback I would be very gratefull.

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