When Are You A Full Time Blogger?

We’ve seen lots of posts lately from some of our favourite bloggers talking about making the jump from blogger working full time to full time blogger but we thought it was an interesting question to ask everyone, regardless of their job and blog status.

When does your hobby become your job?

Perhaps you’ve got a certain number of followers to gain, or working with brands on a certain type of campaign? Maybe you’ve got a specific financial figure to reach in mind? (Don’t forget that you need to be declaring any and all earnings to HMRC or your relevant tax authority – speak to an accountant if you’re not sure. UK people, if you’re looking for an accountant who already works with bloggers, then we can personally recommend LED Chartered Accountants)

Whatever your measurement of having “made it” is, everyone reading this is going to have a different answer, which is why it will be so interesting!

  • Emma T

    It’s definitely a hard one to answer. I work full time (35 hours), but doing my blog and additional work like social media, blog reading/commenting etc, essentially everything I do to promote and work within the community which I (probably) wouldn’t do if I didn’t blog, I also do c32 hours a week.

    For me a full time blogger for whom their blog is the majority of their time and that is their main or only focus for their wage.

    August 9, 2015 at 6:37 pm Reply

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