3 Tips For Instagram Stories

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Another post about Instagram Stories? Well, yes, but this time it’s not one you’ll need an additional app for – these three tips are all built into Instagram, but you probably don’t know about them!

First – font size. You can of course adjust the size of text by pinching the text after you’ve entered it, but if you tap the Aa icon to the left of the colours at the bottom of the screen, a slider will appear, so you can adjust the text there. This is super useful if you’re tagging people with long usernames so the name will appear all on one line!

Next – changing colour. There are the set colours that appear in circles at the bottom of the screen when you’re entering text or doodling, but if you want a different colour to those, tap and hold on one of the colours, and a colour picker will appear. Drag around until you find the colour you want and let go.

Finally, how to do those Instagram stories where you keep adding extra text on without screenshotting each one. First, add your first photo/video to your story, then go to view it. Tap the three dots icon in the bottom right corner, and choose “Save…”, then “Save Photo”.

Once you’ve done that, go to the new Story page, and swipe up. Your previous Story will be there waiting for you to add it and then you can add whatever you need to.

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