How To Deal With Meetups As An Introvert

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Deal With Meetups As An Introvert
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As most bloggers will tell you, one of the best things about blogging is going to events and meeting up with people, both new friends and old ones. But if you’re an introvert, or just a bit nervous about going to an event of any size, here are a few tips that you might find useful to get yourself more excited than

Get to know who else is on the guest list

Depending on what sort of event it is, there might be a Facebook group or event, a Twitter hashtag or maybe the organiser will send out a list of who else is going in advance! Use this list to figure out who you already know who will be there, and to follow new people that will be there so you can get to know them before you actually meet them. Just exchanging a few tweets before the event can really help to break the ice!

Wear something awesome (and comfy!)

You might feel like you have to wear something totally new and fashionable, but if you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, then that can affect your confidence elsewhere. You’ve probably got an outfit, some jewellery or maybe even a lipstick that makes you feel like a total boss, so wear that and let that give you confidence!

Be prepared

Make sure you have your blog cards ready in advance of an event so you can give them out to people at the event. Take a small notebook with you in case you need to get the details of those people who don’t bring cards with them either.

Push your boundries

OK, being the first to introduce yourself is totally nerve wracking. We get it, we totally do. But think about it this way – a moments bravery in saying hi to someone new could mean you could find a new best friend, a new collaborator or just a new person to take photos with. Pushing yourself forwards can only benefit you in this situation!

What tips would you give to others going to an event?

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