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  1. I don’t have problems with spelling words thankfully but my inner grammar nazi hates it when the wrong version of the word is used. I’ve seen people write “defiantly”instead of “definitely” which is just wrong

  2. I’m sure I’m guilty of a few of these – stationary/stationery gets me every time – but I can’t abide it when people mix ‘your ‘and ‘you’re’ up. It gives me rage!

  3. My pet hate is seeing apostrophes in the wrong places – I’m sure I’m not perfect but the amount of times I’ve seen photos written as ‘photo’s’ is staggering!

    With stationery and stationary we were always taught the pens and cars rule at school. The middle letter of pen is E and a pen is also stationEry. The middle letter of car is A and cars are often found stationAry in the road! :-) x

  4. Basic stuff, that I luckily don’t have any issues with, but it sure does annoy me when people get it wrong! People who struggle with spelling and grammar should print this out and stick it on their wall as a little cheat sheet. Great job ‘Bonjour,Blogger!’

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