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No matter how amazing a writer you are, you probably have to double check yourself on these words. We’ve seen all of these recently on even the biggest blogs you can name. Here’s a handy little list to refer back to in case you need it!

First, the main offenders that will drive any reader crazy if you use the wrong one…


There – “Look over there, that girl with the 15 lipstick swatches up her arm must be a beauty blogger”
Their – “Their use of light means the photos on this blog are beautifully clear”
They’re – “They’re eating a cupcake at an event – how very bloggy of them” (The trick with they’re is to replace it with they are – if it still works, then it’s probably correct!)


Your – “Your blog is amazing!”
You’re – “You’re an awesome blogger!” (Again, if you’re unsure, expand the apostrope – does it still work with you are?)


Bought – “I bought this lipstick with my own money”
Brought – “I brought a picnic to the blogger meetup”


Wander – “I took a wander over to the shops”
Wonder – “I wonder which bloggers will be at #blogclub

The typically misspelt words…


Albeit – Albeit means though – “I wrote my blog post, albeit at a slower pace than usual”


Per se – Per se is a Latin phrase, meaning “in itself”. “It’s not a typical lipstain, per se, but with the use of the extra lipgloss, it’s much longer lasting”


Voilà is a French phrase, which is basically like “tah dah!”. The most common misspelling is viola, which is actually an instrument!


Que is a Spanish word meaning that or who. A queue is a long line of people.

These words are usually mixed up because they sound slightly similar.


The Pacific is an ocean between the Americas, Asia and Australisia. The word specific is relating to one individual item. They sound so similar, but the meaning is nowhere near the same!


You’re allowed to read your blog aloud. Again, they sound the same, but allowed is where you are permitted to do something, and aloud is to do with sound.


Which witch is which? You’ve probably seen that sentence at school before – a witch is a magical woman, but which is how you define between the two items.

One we often get mixed up, stationery is to do with papers, pens, etc, while stationary
is when something is still. Sarah Mia has a simple way to remember it – the e is for envelope!


This is definitely one we always misspell. If you know there are words you just can’t remember the correct spelling of, try to always double check your posts before they publish!

What words do you always have trouble with?

  • Louise

    I don’t have problems with spelling words thankfully but my inner grammar nazi hates it when the wrong version of the word is used. I’ve seen people write “defiantly”instead of “definitely” which is just wrong

    February 18, 2014 at 3:32 pm Reply
  • SJP

    I’m sure I’m guilty of a few of these – stationary/stationery gets me every time – but I can’t abide it when people mix ‘your ‘and ‘you’re’ up. It gives me rage!

    February 18, 2014 at 6:49 pm Reply
  • Louisa

    My pet hate is seeing apostrophes in the wrong places – I’m sure I’m not perfect but the amount of times I’ve seen photos written as ‘photo’s’ is staggering!

    With stationery and stationary we were always taught the pens and cars rule at school. The middle letter of pen is E and a pen is also stationEry. The middle letter of car is A and cars are often found stationAry in the road! :-) x

    March 1, 2014 at 11:16 am Reply
  • Kayleigh

    Basic stuff, that I luckily don’t have any issues with, but it sure does annoy me when people get it wrong! People who struggle with spelling and grammar should print this out and stick it on their wall as a little cheat sheet. Great job ‘Bonjour,Blogger!’

    June 1, 2014 at 2:17 pm Reply

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