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It’s a new year, and with it, you’ve probably made some resolutions like spending less time at your computer. (Yes, we realise the irony in talking about spending less time at the computer on a blog)

We have all become so reliant on our phones, tablets and laptops that a full on detox can sound quite scary, but making small changes is always a good start to do something!

First, try to limit the time that you spend on your phone in bed. Studies have shown that using a phone in bed can disrupt your sleep patterns – it’s to do with the type of light that the phone gives off. If you can, then charge your phone up somewhere away from your bedside table, but if you rely on your phone for an alarm clock, then try to limit your use after you actually get into bed.

Turning off those notifications is a great way to help your detox – if you don’t get notified about new things, then you won’t feel the need to check up on them! Use the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone – on iOS devices, you can set a schedule on this so you can make sure you don’t get disturbed after a certain time in the evening, or when you’re at school or work.

You could set up some rules with your family and friends like not having your phones out at dinner or having evenings without technology. Obviously you would change this to suit you – maybe you have an evening without phones, but you watch TV. Expand this time into a whole day or weekend with minimal electronic goods!

How do you deal with a detox?

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