How To Get Your Instagram Stories Seen More

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One of the ways that many people will tell you to get more eyes on your Instagram post is by using hashtags, but that’s not the only place to use them! You can add hashtags and locations to your Instagram Stories,which helps new people find your Stories.

If you haven’t already seen it yet, you can follow chosen hashtags which will then pop up new posts in your timeline and will also show any Stories if they have the hashtag on there. It’s a really great way to find new people in a specific genre, and it’s a good way to get found as well.   

You can use the hashtag sticker in Instagram Stories to get your posts seen, but if you wanted to use a few different hashtags, then the easiest way is to write them as text. One thing to make sure you will be found for those hashtags is to check they appear as underlined hashtags before you post. After you’ve typed the hashtag symbol and started to write your hashtag, suggestions will pop up above the keyboard, so check those out to see whether they would fit better with your content.

However, with space on the Story being limited, you might not want to show a long string of hashtags. The easiest way to hide the hashtags is to change the colour of the text to match the colour of the background, then you can pinch the text so it goes super small. They will still work for people searching for them, but now you don’t need to show them over your image! (It goes without saying that we do not condone hiding any sort of hashtag beingused to show that you have been compensated in some way. Show off that #ad proudly!)

You can also use the location sticker to tag your Story to a location, which then appears on the location page. If people are looking at the location, then they’ll be interested in your Stories if you’re showing off the venue. If possible, try to place the location sticker in a location where your viewers can tap it without going on to the next post. It’s also interesting to see where else your Story can end up appearing – if you tag a specific restaurant, then the post can end up not just on the restaurants location page, but also on the page for the neighbourhood, city or even county that the restaurant is in, bringing even more views to your stories.

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