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Twitter recently created an analytics section for advertisers and verified users, but this was soon opened up to all users with accounts older than 14 days (other things the account must be: tweeting in English, French, Japanese and Spanish and not suspended or protected (of course!))


To access the dashboard, head to and login if you need to. From the initial screen, you can see a few different charts to show you things like how many people have seen your tweets, and how many replied. There’s a list of tweets in the main column, and by clicking on one of those, you can see a bit more detail about each one like in which hour most people saw the tweet, how many clicked through to the link in it, how many retweeted, etc.


You can also see a lot of information about your followers by clicking the followers link at the top of the page. This will show you how fast your follower growth has been, where your followers are from, what gender they are, where they’re from and other accounts they like to follow – useful to find new accounts to follow, or perhaps target.

Why, as a blogger, is this useful though? It’s another set of figures that help to show your influence to potential collaborators and can be used in your media kit. The information that Twitter can provide about your followers can be very specific – you can see the best times of day to interact, what sort of thing your followers are interested in and where they’re from which is all very useful information to brands wanting to work with you.

Even if you’re not looking to target brands, it’s still an interesting insight into what the people who follow you are interested in!

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