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  1. I did that and then switched back to google + and it worked for a while, but now it doesn’t, so I’m just switching back to a blogger profile. What I was really wondering is from the bloggers point of view, does it alert them when you reply on the post? Or do they only know if you send the reply via email?

  2. So helpful! I had been wondering what the point of having replies was if no one could ever see them. Seems silly that it’s an adjustment rather than a standard setting.

  3. I’m contemplating changing over to WordPress so that I can have a decent commenting system. It frustrates me that Blogger doesn’t send comment reply notifications automatically–how many people can be bothered to click to subscribe to comments on individual posts? Sure, you can send email replies as detailed above, but I like to answer publicly for everyone to see (unless it’s personal).

    1. There are other commenting systems that will work with Blogger that (I think!) will email the commenter your comment. We’ll be doing a post about them soon, but need to research them before posting :)

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