Domain Authority 2.0: What Does It Mean?

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Domain Authority is one of those things that as a blogger, you never really think about until you’re asked what yours is, and then you go err…..

Domain Authority (or DA) is a metric created by Moz as a way to rank websites. A higher DA means it’s more likely that your website will rank higher in search results.We’ve gone into more depth on this in the past, but if you need a quick reminder, read on…

The reason why bloggers need to know what this number means is because many PR and press outlets looking to work with bloggers will ask what this figure is as a way to judge how influential their website is.

Today Moz launched their new algorithm, called Domain Authority 2.0. The new algorithm takes into account more up to date information and has better ways to interpret the data. They have been developing parts of this since 2017, so it’s not just a random change that’s being made.

Moz recommends if you follow your DA to consider how it has changed over time, but also to compare to others in the same genre as you as a way of judging your performance.

DA figures will be recalculated daily, rather than monthly, so whenever you look at it, you’ll have the most up to date information.

The new DA algorithm has been applied to your previous statistics, so it’s easier to see how your website has been performing over time.

To check your domain authority, head to the Moz website – you now need to register to use 10 searches per month.

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