How To Figure Out Instagram Post Pricing

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It can be pretty difficult to figure out how much to charge for an Instagram post – obviously, you want to be fairly compensated, but you don’t want to overcharge in case it puts off people wanting to work with you.’ve posted in the past about things like Social Bluebook, but if you just want a quick and easy place to find out how much to charge, we like this calculator from Influencer Marketing Hub.

The site also has a way to estimate how much a post would earn – useful if you’d like to see how much some of your older posts could have generated, or even how much posts by other influencers could potentially have made them.

Sites like this are great as a starting point for figuring out your rates, but don’t take them as a hard figure! Use them to work out what you’re happy to accept and don’t be afraid to go for the higher figure. 

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