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  1. Really resonated with this discussion. It’s something I think about a lot too. I flicked through my archives in search of something I posted 3 years ago and realised that I used to receive 60-80 comments on posts, while now I struggle to get to 20. Of course it isn’t about numbers, but in blogging overall, I certainly agree that interaction and community is way down and exposure and ‘personal gain’ is on the rise.

    With regards to getting back to basics, I think this is a great point! Especially for some newer blogs and bloggers who might feel overwhelmed by PR engagement, I always respond to emails from new bloggers with a simple ‘I accept about 10% (if that) of PR requests and projects’, it’s okay to say no and be a little more relaxed about that side of things. This week I decided to go back to lifestyle blogging with fashion on the side and feel SO much better about my blog and positive towards the community.

  2. I was only just talking about this last night.

    One post back in the day with a quick Q+A with a fashion designer friend of mine got 40 comments. I’d love if I got that kind of engagement now!

  3. Social media has definitely impacted comments – if i reply on twitter about a post I won’t also put the same thing in the comments. There are so many blogs with the same content, reviewing the same products from the same goodie bags, and everything is fabulous that it is a turn-off. The wonderful thing about blogs is that there will always be some that you want to read and you’re not *forced* to read the others.

  4. yes I agree social media has impacted on blog commenting. I struggle to keep up with everything from twitter to Instagram and Pinterest. I think with comments quality is much more important than quantity. I would rather have 3 comments from people who have actually read the post and have something interesting and thoughtful to say then lots that clearly haven’t even read the post.

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