WordPress Wednesday: Organize Drafts

Bonjour, Blogger! WordPress Wednesday: Organize Drafts
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Using plugins like the Editorial Calendar means it’s pretty easy to write a bundle of posts at a time and then drag and drop them into the relevant days on your blog calendar – but what about all those posts that you write the title or jot a few notes down and save as a draft but can’t remember what stage it’s at?

We found this plugin after a random search in the WordPress repository, but it seems to cover the requirements that we wanted – basically, a way to categorise the draft posts that lurk around for ages that you tend to forget about.


It’s pretty simple – it just adds an extra menu onto your new post page where you can select what stage the post is at – it comes with things like “Needs images”, “Idea” and “Outline” already set up, but you can add whatever you need!

If you tend to work on a few blog posts at a time and want a way to work out what posts are ready to post, etc, this is a really great plugin. Find out more about the plugin here, or download from WordPress.

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