5 Mins To Perfect Your Blog

Bonjour, Blogger! 5 Mins To Perfect Your Blog
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We loved Carly’s post about how five minutes can change your to do list dramatically. When you’re looking at your blog, you might feel like your to do list is huge, and will never get done, but these few things might help you think differently and perhaps gives you a bit of a kick up the bum to get the rest done!

Update your “About” page

Be honest – did you write your About page and then leave it for a year or so? Does it still say you’re two years younger than you are, and living in a different city? In five minutes, you don’t need to rewrite the whole thing, but you can update the dated details.

Clear out your old drafts

Do you write a few words down, save it as a draft and think “I’ll get back to that later”. You’re not the only one. Be brutal – either add more notes to a draft so you can come back to it later or delete it.

Tidy up your sidebar

Look at your sidebar, and think what you need to keep (social media links, relevant buttons to networks you love, etc) and remove anything that’s outdated or not so important. You could even add in things like links to favourite categories and posts!

Update and remove plugins

If you’re a self hosted WordPress user, then take a few minutes to make sure your WordPress and plugins are up to date, and remove any plugins that aren’t really very useful or being used at the moment.

Redo your links page

Make sure that any links on your links page (or blog roll, if you have one!) are up to date – check for any dead links, and add any new favourite blogs to your list. If you’ve got links to favourite blogs in your side bar, then make sure they’re the best of the best – this is some prime blog real estate, you probably don’t want to be wasting that space on a blog that hasn’t been updated in a year!

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