Creating Your Own Stock Images

Bonjour, Blogger! Creating Your Own Stock Images
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In previous posts about where to find photos for your blog, we’ve linked to a few blogs where the blogger has (very kindly!) put up photos for use by others.

Having a stash of photos of general items that could be related to many things means that when it comes to publishing your post, you won’t be rushing about to try and find the perfect image for it since images do draw peoples attention into a post. Even simple little things like photos of all the change in your purse (useful if you’re talking about budgeting, etc), skylines (talk about daily life, the city you’re in, your work life, thoughts, etc), what’s in your bag (not just a blog post in its own right, but could mean more like a catch up) – even a cup of tea and a good cake is a fine picture for a catch up round up type post.

If you feel like sharing any of these sort of generic type images (so not for a specific post), then that’s pretty awesome of you! We’ve set up a Flickr group where you can add any photos that you think might be useful for others!

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