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  1. I really like your tray table,we really need a desk in our house.I blog from either the sofa or dining room table which is usually strewn with all sorts

    1. It was only £20 on Amazon, but I’ve found it so useful to be able to keep everything I need all together in one space.

  2. As soon as I actually get my blogging space organized, I’ll have to do one of these posts because they’re my favorite! I am envious of how organized you are!

    1. Thank you! It sometimes works in getting me to blog, but as my poor neglected personal site shows, not always!

  3. Where did you get your blogging tray from? This sounds like a fabulous idea and i would love to mimic it.

  4. I have an “eBay room”, since I spend a lot of time selling on eBay. It doubles as an office when I’m working from home and is great for blogging. I’m going to lose it in the new year when it becomes our spare room, and we merge the eBay room and my boyfriend’s gaming room into one.

  5. I love being nosey at other bloggers “areas” where they feel inspired & motivated :) gives me some helpful tips, plus i love the jar for post ideas – i’m doing one next year but for things that happend in my life in 2014 :) kinda like a memory jar :)

  6. Your tray is cute! I blog from my desk, but originally thought this post was about where in the world we’re blogging from, haha. In that case, I blog from Denmark ;)

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