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  1. Actually, none of the Flickr accounts have stats access any more, unless you still have an old Pro account (sigh. I miss those stats). They do still have view counts on each individual photo, but no referrers any more.

    1. Really? How rubbish! (I still have an old pro account, so assumed it was still the same.) I don’t really understand the logic behind the Doublr account either, why would you pay $500 for 2 terabytes? Just have two free accounts!

  2. I just upload to the server and use WordPress Photon (in the Jetpack plugin) which basically caches the image so it loads faster and takes a bit off of my bandwidth because it goes through the server instead. Amazon Web Service is kind of similar if you’re not a WP user.

    A Dropbox account will do too – you get like 2gb for free and can earn more space or pay for more. Google Drive is similar to this as well, plus you aren’t limited to just photos with them.

    1. I hadn’t thought about using Dropbox for hosting before! I use it to keep my files synced from my laptop to my work computer, but nothing much more than that.

  3. I keep my decent photos on Flickr. I still have an old Pro account but it runs out soon so I’ll be interested to see what changes. However, I also have a community of people I interact with on Flickr who I assume will not be interested in endless scans of book covers, so those I upload directly in WordPress and host with the rest of my site.

  4. I don’t get it… why do you need to host your photos? Why can’t you just upload them from your computer… are their any benefits (sorry if this is a stupid question, still learning)?

    1. Hi Loofie,
      Not a stupid question! When writing a blog post, if you put the address of the image as the file location on your computer, then while it would work fine for you, when other readers came to look at it, their browser would be looking for the file in that location on their computer. (If that makes sense?)
      By uploading it to somewhere like Flickr (or even using the built in uploader in Blogger), then the file is stored on a server, which any reader will be able to access.
      Hope that helps – but just shout if you need any more help!

  5. I use Photobucket and I’ve even bought a Pro account however lately, they seem to be buggy including me not being able to get in my account. This is really annoying especially when I have an important post to publish. Aside from Flickr and Picasa, are there any other image hosting sites that provide premium service?

    1. Hi Cher,
      I haven’t heard of many other photo hosts besides those listed in the post – it might be worth looking at going self hosted – you could keep your photos there if you didn’t want to convert your blog from Blogger. I know that essbeevee does that – she has the domain for her blog, and has the .com for her self hosted website.

  6. Hmm, I am now contemplating what to do now that Gallery 3 is going into hibernation. I never really considered using WordPress for my photos as well because in my first experiences with it, it seemed like it would be a huge mess with a large number of photos. I did consider flickr, but went with Gallery to keep things on my own site. However, now I am considering flickr again. I have used it a bunch in the past already, and having the different generated sizes available would be fantastic, fast hosting, etc. I also don’t mind them being public. However, it seems like flickr requires you in their rules to link back to the flickr photos page for every image you use. That is unacceptable for my purposes. I don’t want people viewing my site to have zillions of links to go to flickr and then likely clicking one and forgetting about my site. Sure flickr would love it, but not me. I may have to look into Dropbox or something, but it sounds like they don’t want to be hosts either. So I’m not sure what to do if I want to switch away from Gallery 3.

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