What The Instagram Update Really Means

Bonjour, Blogger! What The Instagram Update Really Means
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The thing that most people have been talking about recently on Instagram is the introduction of an algorithm that will affect how your timeline will appear. You may have already noticed that posts in your timeline are not in chronological order, which can be super confusing!

Many users have been posting that their followers should turn on notifications which is fine for the accounts you truly never want to miss a post from – but if you turned on notifications for 20 accounts, and they all post 3 times a day, your phone would go crazy from the notifications!

What Instagram are doing with this update is making sure that you will see the accounts that you are always liking pictures from and commenting on over the accounts that you just pass by. In their words, “The ordered feed will take into account a number of signals such as likes, comments, and searches, as well as the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, the timeliness of the posts, and your relationship to the person posting.”

While it would be good if Instagram allowed the user to turn this feature on if they wanted to, it’s something that users will need to get used to – but there is one way to make sure that you see what you want to see.

It’s how you interact with other accounts (in a not dissimilar way to how a like can help Facebook posts), and not whether you have notifications turned on, that will affect what order things will appear in – so make sure you double tap all your favourite images and comment where you can!

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