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  1. I generally do the format of 1 or 2 photos max, then all my writing, and then the rest of the photos. I try not to include photos that are too similar.

    I will include loads of photos if it’s something other than an outfit post that requires more photos, like a day out etc.


  2. I don’t think I have ever put more than one photo for my blog posts but that is just because my topics always lend themselves to few photos. I really love photo heavy posts so long as they’re nice photos. Good photography is a quick way to my heart :)

  3. I definitely agree that some fashion/beauty bloggers go way overboard with unnecessary photo shots. The idea of a GIF to demo beauty products is a great idea!!
    It’s hard to judge how many photos should be in a post eg travel blog posts should include interesting and emotive images to get the reader into the scene/destination… I agree with Devyn – posts (when shot well) should include a high amount of images. If you have a load of photos, why not squeeze them into an Instagram collage format?

  4. I think it depends on the type of post. If they’re all different photos of different things, then yes, I’m all for photo heavy posts (I’m one of those bloggers haha) but even I’ve started putting some of mine into collages now.

    When it comes to recipes though, you don’t need every.single.angel of shot, I know I’ve been guilty of this when I first started blogging, but it’s actually mildly annoying to scroll through looking at exactly the same dish of food before getting to the recipe.

    I now have my hero, pinnable image, perhaps a collage of prep and then another one at the end of the finished dish.

    For crafts I do the same – depends though, and for trip reports it’s all out photos I’m afraid!!

  5. On the whole, the more text I include, the more images I include, to help balance it. With outfit posts I tend to have 5-6 images but I try to mix them up so they’re not all the same!

  6. I usually aim for 4-5 photos in a personal style post. I don’t really see the point in posting more than that unless there are changes to the outfit or extremely unique angles to show off.

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