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  1. What a great idea!
    I’ve just finished rosalilium’s ‘blog every day in May’ challenge so I’ll now I’ll move on to the June Comments challenge and give it my best shot! :-) x

  2. I definitely will be taking part in the Challenge? does this comment count! I will also try and get the button on my blog.

    1. Yay! All comments count – it’s about you talking to new people and finding new blogs :) If you need any help with the button, just ask :)

  3. This is a great way to find new blogs! Will try to take part and catch up a weeks worth of comments!

    Thanks for organising it :)

  4. Love this idea as it is definitely the commenting and social side of blogging that I love the most.

    1. So happy to see you joining! (Also, I didn’t realise there were bakeries making doggy birthday cakes – will have to get one in September for my doglet!) (edit: I didn’t realise it was YOU making the cakes! Even better!)

  5. Good plan, I’m always too busy scrolling and reading and forget to comment on blogs so I’m going to get involved!
    Becca xx

  6. I might be a little late in taking part in this challenge, but it is such a brilliant idea and I cannot pass up doing this all through the rest of August!

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