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Swayy is the first site that allows independent hotels and restaurants to be able to find influencers to work with. Venues will be able to find influencers that use Instagram and be able to find the best match for them. Swayy refers to themselves as the booking.com for influencers – you choose who to work with and when as simply as possible.

It’s free for influencers to sign up, and they are individually evaluated and given a “SwayyScore” which shows their value to businesses looking to work with them. The venue pays Swayy an amount based on the amount of followers the influencer has, and what they want from them, and are also expected to provide the meal/room/etc for free. Once the review has been done, the influencer submits a “job completion request” to Swayy, and receives a percentage of the fee the venue paid. The percentage of commission that the influencer receives is based on the amount of followers that they have.

It looks like Swayy would be good for the independent restaurants and hotels around as well, as those sort of places are unlikely to have the money to employ a PR company full time to contact bloggers for them, but might not know who to work with.

To sign up, head to swayy.me for more information.

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