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Bloglovin’ has been around for a good few years, but gained a lot of popularity when Google Friend Connect closed on Blogger blogs. Since then, they have brought in more changes for bloggers, most recently allowing readers to leave comments on Bloglovin, rather than on the actual blog.

The biggest change in a while though that was rolled out to all accounts this week was the ability to post directly to Bloglovin. Here’s what Bloglovin had to say about this change…

We’ve always wondered, why is blogging so complicated? Why is it so hard to publish a post from your phone? Why do you need to know HTML to create a beautiful blog? Why is growing your readership so difficult?

These questions were the starting point for something we’ve been building over the last couple of months here at Bloglovin’. Today we’re proud to introduce Blogging on Bloglovin’. It’s more connected and it’s easier than ever to publish content on the go.

You don’t need to know any HTML to be able to post to your Bloglovin’ feed (in fact, any HTML you use is stripped out), or any separate apps – you can post from your Bloglovin app if you want to! You can edit the text with buttons that pop up, but all you’re able to do is make the text bold, italic or linked.

After you’ve updated the Bloglovin app, you’ll see an extra icon in the bottom bar:

The only screen you need to post will appear after you’ve chosen an image from your camera roll, and from here you can write whatever you want to to post to your feed

What’s going to be the best use for this? Perhaps quick little posts for things that you might normally share on Instagram? It’s difficult to see the benefit of direct posting when the majority of users will already have their own blogs and social media accounts to post these things from.

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