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  1. I really like this as it is significantly less than Latergram and doesn’t just send a notification to your phone when the post is scheduled to post and then you have to do that. Not that that is a lot to do but when I’m busy at work and want to spread posts out through the day I have been missing them.
    The one thing I can’t seem to find on Grum’s website is how many photos you can schedule in a month for that price. It gives an information about how many accounts but I didn’t find that. Do you know by chance?
    In all honesty though I wish Instagram would come up with their own. I think its safe to say that the original intent of quick instant photos isn’t what all users want anymore so why not? If people do still want to do the instant photos they could. Just my two cents.:-)

    1. Hi, Stacey! Glad that you like our service :) Answering your question – unlike some our competitors, we have unlimited amout of photos you may schedule in a month. By the way, soon you’ll be able to share videos via Grum.
      Hope to keep you pleased! ;)

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