WordPress Wednesday: Two Calendar Plugins You Need

Bonjour, Blogger! WordPress Wednesday: Two Calendar Plugins You Need
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So, Sunday afternoon, you’re at your laptop with a few blog post ideas, and you want to make sure that they’re spaced out well – you might have certain days that you like to post beauty posts or have all your outfit posts publish on a Friday, or maybe you just don’t want three posts in a row talking about the same sort of thing.

For the non-self-hosted WordPress users, the easiest way for you to do this is probably to use a calendar with a month view to space out your posts, but if you have gone down the self-hosted WordPress route, then there are two plugins that are really useful, especially if used together.

First is Future Posts Calendar. This little plugin adds a box to your new post page and highlights the days that you currently have posts scheduled in green. Yep, that’s it – that’s pretty much all it does, but it works quite well. There is a widget available that will show your visitors when to expect a post, but it’s up to you how useful that one is! The plugin hasn’t been updated in at least 2 years, so it’s up to you whether this affects your decision to install it, but it does make it easier to see when a post is due to publish. (What would be useful is to have draft posts highlighted in a different colour – if you know of a plugin that can do the same thing as Future Posts Calendar but with this extra feature, let us know!)

The other plugin that makes scheduling posts so easy on WordPress is the Editorial Calendar. This plugin shows you your posts on a month view rather than in a list and makes it so easy to drag and drop posts, as well as quickly creating drafts on specific days.

What plugins make scheduling posts easy for you, WordPress users? Non-WP people – what do you use?

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