New Additions To Instagram Stories

Bonjour, Blogger! New Additions To Instagram Stories
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It feels like nothing was updated for ages with Instagram, then all of a sudden, they’re announcing tons of new features! The first feature that you may not have heard about yet is the launch of shopping links. Selected accounts will be able to share posts with shopping links – when the viewer taps the image, they’ll see up to 5 links in the image that can link to the products featured. While this isn’t being rolled out to all users yet, it’s possible that it will be available for business accounts in the coming months.

The update that appeared this week that is available for all users are the tweaks to Instagram Stories – you can now create Boomerang videos right in the app, so there’s no need to use another app to make them first! You can also mention other Instagram accounts in your Stories in the same way you can in Instagram and Twitter posts – useful if you’re posting about any items received from a brand! Verified users can also post “See More” links in their stories, which would be really useful for bloggers!

How will you use these new features?

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