How To Have Your Cake (And Eat It)

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Have Your Cake (And Eat It)
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Sometimes, everything just sort of happens at once, and while you cope with keeping all the plates spinning in the air, it just takes one little thing to bring them all down. And while your friends and family try to be helpful and say that you should drop the blogging plate for a bit because, well, it’s just a blog, we have some tips for you to try and remember so you don’t have to stop doing something you enjoy!

Be consistent with the main things

It is so easy to get distracted by trying to perfect the additional items to do with blogging. Like, you could spend your time writing a blog post, but it all of a sudden seems incredibly important to perfect a flat lay of nail varnishes. Even though you don’t write about nails or beauty.
If you keep to the basics, then it’s easier to be consistent instead of burning yourself out in the first week of the month.

Set goals

Setting a long-term goal is a good way to keep you focused on what you want to get from your blog – like if you’re aiming to get a certain amount of followers by the end of the year, then you’ll want to develop your content to get to that goal.

Be unique!

Just because it seems like the latest blogger trend to post about a certain shop, or a beauty box, or whatever, don’t feel like you have to post about the same time to be able to get views. Sometimes, it’s better to go against the trends to be able to stick out in readers minds!

Stick to what works

It’s good to branch out every so often, but sometimes, if you know that a certain type of post does well, and is fairly easy for you to put together, then pop one of those posts up – as we covered in our post about having a regular blog post series, it can be helpful to keep you motivated

Remind followers of previous posts

Even if you miss your self-imposed posting days, if you have something to keep posting older posts, then followers on social media might not even notice, and it also reminds new followers of older posts that they may have missed. We covered how to automate posting older blog posts a while ago, but it’s still something that we use on daily basis. Keeping our Buffer account topped up takes less than a few minutes every fortnight but keeps posts publishing to our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (if anyone is still paying attention to that one!) accounts automatically, and provides prompts to post to Instagram and Pinterest.

What are your tips on keeping calm and…no, we can’t finish that sentence ;)

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