How To Create Icons For Instagram Stories Highlights

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You may have seen other people you follow on Instagram posting random icons to their Instagram Stories – they’ve not gone crazy, they’re just organising their Story Highlights! As we mentioned recently, Instagram Stories Highlights are a way to keep your Stories around on your profile for longer. There are many reasons you may want to do this – perhaps you want to keep all Stories featuring your outfits in one group, or you did a tutorial and want to group that all together for easy viewing.

Of course, you may be happy enough to have the cover for these Highlights to be one of the Stories used, but if you wanted to organise them, then we created a template for you so you can make sure the icons fit perfectly!

You can download the template by right clicking this link and saving it. The circle in the image should fit into the cover without needing to adjust, but if you do need to, it shouldn’t be too much effort to tweak the position.


Open the image in your chosen image editing program, and position your icon (or whatever you choose) inside the circle. Change the colours, and you’re ready to upload it! If you use this, please do tag us on your Stories (@bonjourblogger). We’d love to see what you do with them!

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