How To Reuse Old Blog Posts

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So you’ve written a blog post, and it did quite well and then…well, what do you do next? You want to emulate the success of that post with future ones – unfortunately, there isn’t a secret recipe that you can follow each time to make sure each post is well read and shared, but there are ways to use old blog posts to create new content!

Turn old content into a free course/eBook/challenge

This is going to be dependent on what your old blog posts are about, but this can also help you to reach a new audience. When we put together our free eBook about starting a blog, we looked at old blog posts to see how they could be worked into the eBook.

Write an updated version

If a post was super popular last year, then you could look at how to rewrite it this year with updated links – e.g. if you’re a fashion blogger who wrote about your favourite swimming costumes for a beach vacation, then you could recreate that with new links, which is also a good opportunity to use affiliate links. If you’ve written a listicle in the past, then try to expand on some of the points in that post.

Use older posts to create a conversation on social media

You could use an old blog post to start a conversation on your Facebook page for example – if you’re like us, you probably concentrate more on Instagram and Twitter for conversations with followers but Facebook allows you to give more detailed answers in your responses.

Create a regular series

Consider how older posts could be worked into a regular series – for example, maybe you were comparing two similar products, one high end and one high street. The post was popular for a reason, so see if that can be developed into something that will keep bringing people back to your blog.

Share in a different format

Perhaps you’ve started a podcast and some of your older posts would work well as topics? Or maybe a blog post contained lots of useful information that could be reworked into an infographic to share on Pinterest? Just because you wrote a blog post about something doesn’t mean you can’t reuse it for a vlog, etc.

Of course, the easiest way to remind readers about old posts is to use something like Buffer to keep posting them on social media – make sure to check out this post to see how to do this easily!

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