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This post was published 5 years ago. Some things may have changed since then - use the search function to see if anything has been posted since then, or reach out to us on Twitter if you'd like to see a more updated post! is a site where you can sign up to find sites to mention in blog posts.


You can mention up to three websites in one blog post, and get paid for them all. Rates will vary according to your website, which you can find out by entering your URL here. The rates weren’t that great for the websites we checked – one of the biggest bloggers in the UK’s URL was said to not have gained any significant popularity yet!

Signing up is simple to do, and you can search for links in specific genres. Genres at the time of writing included real estate, pest removal and window cleaning…perhaps not quite the sort of thing that most bloggers would be able to write about naturally!

Links have to be of good quality (so you can’t just write nonsense and include a link – it must be relevant), positively talked about and has to be a follow link. You’re not allowed according to their rules to disclose that links are paid for. There’s a useful list of ways to include links though.

The idea of the site is not a bad one, but it’s worth remembering that not marking paid for links as nofollow can affect your blog in terms of Google and other search engines, and not disclosing paid for links where you’re paid for a positive opinion could (especially in light of the recent ASA rulings for vloggers) get you into trouble.


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