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Bloglovin is such a popular way to follow blogs now, it’s almost difficult to remember what things were like with Google Friend Connect. We’ve been using it since 2008 and although there have been some changes in that time that we haven’t loved (the latest thing of inserting random posts into your unread ones is pretty annoying!), it’s still the best way to follow your favourite blogs and share them easily. But are you getting the most out of it?

Keep The Titles Eyecatching

You’re probably already doing this anyway, but making sure your blog post titles are interesting from first look is important for Bloglovin, because it’s what will bring new readers in when they first take a look from your profile page.

Use Interesting Images

Again, it’s what people will see when they first take a look at your blogs profile page. You want interesting photos to draw attention to the posts – but that also help to explain the post as well!

Use Bloglovin Links

You can set up Bloglovin to tweet a link to a new post for you – it’s not just an extra boost to your new blog post, but also to bring people on your social networks over to your Bloglovin page!

Like and Save

We’re so happy to have seen the return of liking posts make a quiet return. Sometimes, you’ll want to save a post for later, but sometimes, you just want to send a little like out to show that you enjoyed that post! Be active in the community, and it will draw attention to yourself, whilst giving your fellow bloggers a little boost with each heart you send out!

Tag and Define Yourself

There’s not just the section in your blog analytics to complete with a short bio of your site, but you need to make sure you’re in the right category. You may have noticed that there is a tags section on your blog profile page, which are automatically generated depending on how your followers define you – so if you have certain tags you want to aim for, then make sure it’s obvious how you should be filed!


Promote Yourself

…because who else will? Share links to your blog profile page (if you only have one blog, then it’s better to share the blog page over your profile page, but if you have two blogs, then you can decide whether to share the profile page that links both, or each blog separately!)

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