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We’ve talked previously about setting up automated responses so you can quickly edit them and use them to respond to emails, but sometimes, that’s not the most effective way of responding, especially if you’re trying to clear your emails while on the move (We recommended canned responses on Gmail which works really well, but only on desktop)

We’ve been using a keyboard for iOS called Ditto, and it works in a similar way to Canned Responses in Gmail, but so much more detailed! You have the ability to break responses down into categories, which is perfect for bloggers and influencers, as it means you can split up the different types of messages that you write over and over – whether that’s email responses, responses to DM’s, or even hashtags (and – although it’s kinda cheating – you could even have quick responses for comments you always leave on Instagram. We’d avoid doing that one too much though as you don’t want to sound totally spammy!)

Here are a few ideas of messages you could save in your Ditto app – a few of these are actually ones we have been using for a while to respond to emails, and it just makes it so much easier to clear out the inbox to have something written!

You can have blank spaces in the Ditto messages, which reminds you to fill in the gap before you send it

Responses to DM’s

  • Hey!
    Thanks for getting in touch – ____ can be found on my blog, _____
  • Hey!
    Thanks for reaching out – for collaboration requests, please could you email me at {your email address}

Responses to emails

  • Hello,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
  • Hello,
    Thanks for getting in touch. We are happy with the blog post as it is, and don’t feel any further links need to be included.
  • Hello,
    We don’t feel that this sort of post is approviate for our audience, but appriciate you getting in touch


You could use a section in the keyboard to group together certain types of hashtags – perhaps having a group of 5 or 10 in each group, so you can pick and choose which ones to have in which order. We’ve covered previously some of the best hashtags to use for new posts on Instagram so make sure you check out that post and make your own groupings!


  • Your URL to your blog is a good one to save on its own!
  • Comments that you usually leave might be a good one, but use them sparingly, and only when you would actually say “cute outfit” or whatever!
  • Any usual responses that you find yourself using often really – you could even use this for dating apps, etc! 

Ditto is available for free on the iOS store. If you’re an Android user, what apps have you used that work in a similar way?

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