How To Use Older Photos and Videos In Instagram Stories

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Use Older Photos and Videos In Instagram Stories
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We all know and love Instagram Stories by now. It’s a great way to share the random bits of your day with your followers without having to consider whether it fits with your Instagram aesthetic. However, if you want to share the bits of your day on a delay (perhaps you want to wait until you’ve gotten home from somewhere before sharing the location?) then you may find that the 24 hour limit on saved images and videos can be a bit restrictive.

The most basic way to get around this without having to download any apps is by saving the images off your phone (perhaps on a cloud based storage place like Dropbox) then as and when you need them, just redownload them from your storage location.

Planoly, which we talked about a few weeks ago, offers the ability to store items to be saved for future stories – the benefit of this is that you could add images from your desktop for future stories, so you could edit them in apps like Canva

Finally, there are tons of apps in the app store that offer the ability to adjust the date on a photo so it appears to have been created in the past 24 hours. We’ve been using StoryUploader on iOS which is a free app that does exactly as you expect it to.

What do you use for older Instagram Stories?

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