We’ve Revamped Our Newsletter!

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We created a newsletter last year and have had the sign up box in the sidebar since then, but it’s been difficult to know what to do with it. Would people want a catch up of all the posts they might have missed? What about those who want to just hear any important news and events stuff? We don’t want to risk spamming you all and turning you off the site, but everyone is going to want different things.

We’ve decided to create a few different mailing lists – you can sign up to one of them, a few, or all of them! Here are your choices:

All emails! Send me everything!

You’ll get all of the emails below (except for the weekly blog post ideas emails, because you’ll already get them daily)

I’d like to just hear the latest news from you

If you’re only interested in hearing the latest news and event details from us (which if you’re already subscribed, this is all you’ll receive unless you update your details)

I’d like a monthly round up of posts please

You’ll get an email on the 1st of every month with a list of all of the blog post titles and links – a great way to make sure you never miss a post!

I’d like daily blog post ideas

A new feature – if you sometimes feel a little uninspired, sign up for this email and have a little suggestion drop into your inbox every day about what to blog about.

I’d prefer blog post ideas on a weekly basis

This is exactly the same as the daily blog post emails, but will go out on a Sunday with a list of the previous weeks blog post suggestions so if you like to get all your blog posts written at the weekend and scheduled for the future, this will be a great way to fill in any blank bits in your editorial calendar!

If you’d like any of these emails, fill in your details below! If you’re already subscribed, then you should have received an email this weekend about how to update your preferences, but you can also do that by filling in the form below and using the same email address you used to sign up with.

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What sort of emails would you like to see?

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