Beating Bloggers Block

Bonjour, Blogger! Beating Bloggers Block
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Oof. Bloggers block. It’s pretty much the same as writers block, but it feels worse because isn’t blogging for most of us just about what pops into our head? (Also who doesn’t love a bit of alliteration?)

The first thing you can do is get away from the computer. We’ve all had those unproductive days when you sit in front of your laptop, hands poised and nothing comes out. You flick between Twitter and Facebook and Bloglovin and then it’s time to cook dinner. Pick up a notebook, or take a laptop to a cafe (and don’t log onto their wifi!) and see how you can get reinspired.

An easy way to find something to post about is to take a look at the search terms that people use to get to your site – some people will do posts about the random things people search for to get to their site, but if there’s something in there like “best vintage shops in (your city)”, then there’s a great idea for a post!

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