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When reading about SEO, we are told to find keywords to tie into blog posts. But how are you supposed to do that when you’re not even sure how to find the “right” keywords to use?


The first thing to do when you’re trying to find suitable keywords is to think about what the post is about, and what you would search for to find posts that were about that topic. For example, if you were posting about a red lipstick that was a match for a more expensive brand, how would you search for that? “Dupe for Ruby Woo”? “Drugstore alternatives to Mac”? Put yourself in the readers shoes, and include those sentences and words in your post and post title in a natural way if possible.

Try to avoid using keywords that aren’t relevant to your post or blog, because people who have searched for that topic will just click away from your site if there’s nothing related to the search phrase on there.

Google has a keyword planner as part of Google Adwords – this is more of a general thing for your site, rather than for specific posts, but it can be helpful to look at what Google suggests as keywords for your site – as well as your competitors!


To use the keyword planner, log in to your Adwords account if you have one, and click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”, enter the link to your homepage in the landing page section, and choose what category your site falls under in the product category section. Click submit, then choose the “Keyword Ideas” tab on the page that next appears. A list of possible keywords for your site will appear (shown on the right of the image above)

Above all else, remember that your blog post title and body must be readable and not crammed with all the keywords possible!

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