Flickr Announced New Changes

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We’ve talked previously about how Flickr is a great storage site for bloggers and photographers, but there are some changes that may affect you if you’re a heavy user of the site.

Flickr have decided to make some changes to their free accounts – in 2013, Yahoo owned Flickr, and thought that giving all free users 1 TB of storage would persuade people to move their images over there. However, most users seem to prefer to use the services that are built into their operating system like iCloud and Google Photos. 

Free accounts will now be limited to 1000 photos and videos – still a significant amount of storage for most users. This figure was based on the statistic that more than 97% of users do not have more than this in the account.

However, if you do have more than this on your free account, you have until early February 2019 to download all of your images, before they are deleted. The oldest images will be removed first, so it’s worth heading over there to download everything to make sure you don’t loose any important images. 

If you want to keep your Flickr account as it is, then the pro accounts are $50/yr – if you have lots of photos going back a few years on your blog, then paying this is probably the easiest option, however it could be more beneficial and cheaper for you to move to a self hosted option for your images.

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