How To Write The Perfect Twitter Bio

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160 characters. Remember when you were an expert at squeezing as much information as possible into that number of letters in a text message? Why does it seem so much more difficult to write about how amazing you are in that space than it did to organise a whole weekend.

Writing the perfect Twitter bio is a bit of an art form (which we’ve still not perfected after 7 years tweeting!) but here are a few things to try to include…

A photo! We’ve said it before, but no one wants to follow an egg, so get your camera out and snap a gorgeous photo of yourself! If you’re not up for showing your real face, then think about what else makes you recognisable – perhaps your blog logo, or if you take photos of your outfits without showing your face, then choose your favourite one.

Make sure to talk about what makes you so interesting. It’s tempting to write a bio that’s going to amuse your current followers – but if you’re already following someone, why would you bother to look at their profile again? You’re trying to attract people who don’t know all your insider jokes, so try to avoid them.

Use the name that you’re most comfortable with people using. Remember that when you’re talking to brands on Twitter, they probably don’t know your real name so will call you by your display name (which can be pretty funny to be fair!)

Include your location. You don’t have to be specific down to the street name or co-ordinates, but including your town or nearest big city means you can build up a network of local tweeters – always helpful!

Consider creating a separate page on your blog as a landing page. If someone clicked through to your blog from your Twitter profile, what would it tell them? What would you want them to know instead? You can make sure that they will always see the same thing by inserting a link to your about page (or a page that says all the different things you do – basically, an extended version of your bio!)

Disclaimers. Many people like to put a “all words my own” variant in their bio to protect themselves, but really, if you’re not willing to stand up for what you tweet, then don’t tweet it!

Hashtags (when used minimally – maybe one or two at the most) can be pretty helpful and attract more followers to your profile when they search for that hashtag.

Avoid the clichés if possible. Writing in two word sentences is the easiest way to tell the reader who you are and what you do, but it’s not very interesting after you’ve seen 10 bios that look the same.

Break all the rules listed above. Because it’s much more fun!

(Oh, and try not to mention how much you like tea ;) That one really drives people crazy for some reason!)

What are your tips on writing the greatest Twitter bio anyone has ever read? If all else fails, why not try this Twitter bio generator?

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