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  1. I think this is a great idea! Bloggers are being more accepted as ‘press’, which is well deserved as most bloggers work hard to report fashion week as many magazine journalists do.

    Hope I can go next year!

  2. I remember going to fashion week as ‘press’ through my blog and the year they changed the pass to say ‘blogger’, i found myself getting treated differently as though all bloggers are just out there for free stuff. I think this will help bring back the respect for bloggers from brands.

    I also find that they have made some serious cut backs (like how there used to be champagne everywhere and now you’ll be lucky to get a glass) over the years so this could also be a cost saving measure for the BFC.

  3. I think this is a hugely positive move. I said as much on Disney Roller Girl’s post about the topic, but I think it’s important that if it’s the choice between accrediting a blogger who posts OOTDs 360 days of the year or a blogger who focuses on fashion news, commentary and celebrates local/national designers then it should go to the latter every time.

  4. (I know I wrote this post, but I wanted to keep my opinion separate to the post!)

    Personally, I think these changes are a great idea. As SJP says, the bloggers who really should be at LFW are the ones who talk about British designers. Two years ago, I went to LFW for the first time (with accreditation), and while I found it interesting to see the showrooms, I didn’t really get any blog posts out of it because it just wasn’t that relevant to my audience. It was lovely to see so many bloggers I love in one place, but there was just no reason for me as a blogger to be at a trade event.

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