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October brings Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Lucy tells us why it’s so important to take part – not just by buying the products that donate, but by checking yourself as well.





Fee at Makeup Savvy shows us a very savvy trick for photos – how to make a reflector using just an old binder and some tin foil. As the days get shorter, bloggers will try any trick to get the best light onto their photos so this is definitely worth a try!




SJ at Shipshape and Bristol Fashion shows off her latest purchase from the Clarks Village branch of Whistles. Pyjama trousers that look so comfortable and were just £20? Win.





We loved Tabitha’s post at Scaredtoast about what the big blogger-y trends were back when she started her blog. It’s so strange to think that those things were so important, and now we barely think of them!





Kelly at Kelloves says she’s sick of cake at the moment, which is something we never want to find out but thankfully some good has come out of this – she’s come up with a delicious looking cake in a mug recipe which you must try!




We loved this outfit post on Jessthetics where Jess wore a beautiful vintage dress from Paris to go for a bike ride. (Quite jealous of the weather as well, because it’s pouring down right now!)





Jane’s list of social media speak over on British Beauty Blogger made us laugh so we just had to share it with you – a handy translation for those emails you receive!





Michelle’s post over on Daisybutter was quite interesting about “uniform blogging” – how we should be taking inspiration from each other, instead of criticising that so many bloggers are doing such similar posts.  What do you think – are you more inspired by blogs?




Finally, Sarah Mia has been on a few holidays this year (not jealous, nope) and wrote an A-Z of her travel experiences. This is such a fun post idea that everyone can do – let her know if you do it in her comments!



What blog posts have you enjoyed this week? Share the bloggy love – let us know!

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