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Find Your Influence is a way that brands can find influencers to work with. A brand can choose a specific type of influencer to work with – this doesn’t mean just bloggers, but vloggers, Twitter addicts and those with huge Instagram followings (for example)

Find Your Influence is a self service platform – if you’re connecting with brands, etc, then you’ll benefit more. It’s free for influencers to use as well!


Once you’ve provided your basic info, it’s time to talk more about your sites and your social network links. This will help to provide a more detailed profile to brands – the more information you provide, the more able a brand is to make a decision on whether to work with you!

It’s super easy to sign up – you can fill in the basics by connecting your Facebook or Google+ account, however it is only open to US and Canadian bloggers, or bloggers with at least 50% US based traffic. Hopefully it will be open to European bloggers soon!


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