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Instagram has so many tools that you may not have looked into very much, and one of those that’s really useful are the insights.

We’re assuming that you have a business account on Instagram – if you don’t, then you may want to consider switching over if analytics are important to you!

There are two different sets of statistics that you can view – looking at your account overall, or looking at a specific post. If you’re pitching to work with a brand, then the overall statistics are most useful, but if you’re working with a brand on a specific post, then you may want to show them how the post did when you follow up with them.

To access the insights relating to your whole account, head to your profile page, and tap the part where it says how many profile visits you had in the last 7 days (you can also get there by tapping the menu in the top right corner and choosing the Insights option)

There are three sections in the insights area – activity, content and audience.
The activity section shows you how many people visited your profile (and on what days) and how many people saw your content this week, including the reach (how many unique accounts saw your posts and stories) and impressions (how many actions were taken – this includes things like clicking on your link in bio or visiting your profile).
The content section gives you statistics on the things you posted this week – it’s a nice quick look at how well both the posts on your feed and in your Stories you posted.
Finally, the audience section gives you a good look at the demographics of your audience this week – where your viewers are based, what age range they fall into, what gender they identify as and when they are most likely to be online. This last section is pretty useful if you’re trying to work out when would the best time to post something would be – but with the algorithm, this is only one factor to take into consideration.

You may want to see the statistics for one individual post on your feed – to do that, open the post, and tap the view insights part under the photo. This will show you how many people liked the picture, commented on it, sent it onwards and saved it. It will also show you how people found your post – if you use hashtags in your Instagram posts, then it will show you if people are finding your post that way.

Finally, if you go into your Stories, you can see a few other statistics relating to each Story. You probably already know that you can see who has seen your post, but you can also get other figures by tapping the bar chart icon after tapping the “seen by” bit at the bottom. There’s a section to tell you about interactions taken from that story – if someone has gone to your profile to see your latest posts, tapped to see the people or hashtags you tagged or sent you a message, then those figures will be recorded here.
The discovery section for each Story will tell you how many times it has been viewed (which can be different to how many people saw it) and how people moved on from the post – did they watch your next story, or tap forwards (or backwards!) or did they swipe out to exit Stories completely.
You can see how Stories older than 24 hours did by heading to your Archive – tap the clock with an arrow around it in the top left corner, and you’ll see all of your old stories, then you just go to the “seen by” area as you would normally.

If you’ve only switched to a business account recently, then you’ll only see the stats from when you switched over, but it can still be really useful, especially if you’re updating your media kit!

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