Why Blogging Buddies Are Awesome

Bonjour, Blogger! Why Blogging Buddies Are Awesome
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Blogging can be such a lonely hobby sometimes, which is why it’s so important to get out there and make a friend or two! The easiest way to do this is to get chatting to other bloggers, especially with things like the twitter hashtag chats that go on, but meeting up in person is always fun. Here are four reasons why you should be putting yourself out there to meet someone new!

Collaborate, not compete

As bloggers, we’re expected to be looking at other bloggers as the competition – if someone else does well, then you can’t. This is nonsense. Working together with others is so good for you – you can work with them on projects, you can learn from them, and you can even teach them. Work with others, don’t work against them!


Having people around you can help you get inspired by sources that you may not have come across on your own. You’ll expand your knowledge, and you’ll be able to share that with your readers – a win win!

Being Less Alone

A practical reason, but having blogging buddies IRL means you’ll be less nervous about going to that event because if it’s a total disaster, at least you have someone to talk to! You could also work with them at an event – if both of you are taking photos, then you could share them later via Dropbox (or whatever online storage you use).


Motivation can be so hard to come by when it’s just you and the laptop so it’s always nice to have someone giving you a kick up the bum, whether that’s virtually (oh Facebook messenger, what would we do without you) or in person. Having someone to cheer you on is so important – and make sure you’re doing the same back!

Who is your best blogging buddy? Share some love!

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