Why You Need A 50mm Lens

Bonjour, Blogger! Why You Need A 50mm Lens
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If you’ve got an dSLR (digital single-lens reflex), chances are you’ve got, or are saving up towards a 50mm lens. The nifty fifty (as those of us lame enough to nickname our lenses call it!) is one of the best lenses for a blogger for a few reasons…


Glass is expensive. You could easily spend a few hundred pounds on the most basic lens out there, so the 50mm is great for most budgets – you can buy a f/1.8 (this relates to the speed of the lens) lens for less than £100, which will give you images you’ll be proud to use in blog posts.


For the less technical out there, bokeh is the name given to the blurry bit (the out of focus section) in an image. This will work well for your images because the background on your pictures will be all blurry which is really popular with bloggers.

Low light

50mm lenses do really well in low light, producing good sharp images. The lower the f number (i.e. a f/1.4 is faster than a f/1.8), the faster, and therefore better, the images will come out in low light.


As you can see from the photo above, it’s a small lens, so it’s really good for when you’re travelling or maybe just when you want to pop your camera in your handbag!

Even in auto mode, the lens makes it really easy to take good photos of still lifes (like products for reviews) and profile pictures (good for the close ups of details in your outfit posts).

Have you tried out a 50mm lens? What other lenses would you recommend to bloggers?

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