New Series! A Monthly Blog Post Linkup

Bonjour, Blogger! New Series! A Monthly Blog Post Linkup
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You may have seen earlier in the week that we talked about how to hold a link up series…well, it was a little hint to what we’re starting this week! Every month, we’re going to post a question, then on the last Monday of the month, we’ll round up all the posts so you can check them all out.


If you’d like to take part, just answer the question (in whatever way you like!) and schedule your post for the last Monday of the month – so for July, you’ll want to schedule for Monday 25th July. If you’re unsure on how to schedule a post for the future, check out this post!

Once you’ve written your post and scheduled it, you can add the link to the linkup below:

If you’d like this widget on your blog with all the different posts, then pop this HTML in your blog post and it should update automatically!

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>

For the first BB linkup, we’re asking…

What are your five favourite things to do in summer?

This could be anything! You could take it to mean what your favourite foods to eat in the summer are, or what your favourite outfits are, or places to visit…you get the idea.

We can’t wait to see how you answer this question!

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